• Generates the mandatory ansible configuration files for reaching resources.

External variables dependencies#

  • hs_workspace_root defined in {{ playbook_dir }}/group_vars/all.yml

  • tf_action defined in {{ playbook_dir }}/group_vars/all.yml

Role defaults#

Name of the hashistack instance. Defaults to a variable:

  • defined in: {{ instance_dir }}/group_vars/hashistack/main.yml

  • generated by the playbook: init.yml

hs_stage0_name: "{{ hs_workspace }}"

Architecture comes in 2 flavors: [mono|multi]

hs_stage0_archi: "multi"

Local path to a key file which public part will be used default ssh access.

hs_stage0_private_key_file: "{{ hs_workspace_ssh_private_key_file }}"

dns_forwarders: ""