TLS certificates#

TLS endpoints#

The TLS endpoints for Vault, Consul and Nomad rely on an externaly built certificate that needs to be trusted by the client browsers.

At this stage of the project, the tutorial Deploy @Scaleway relies on the fact that the deployed Hashistack should be exposed on the Internet and a DNS challenge with LetsEncrypt give us the mandatory certificates (wildcard for the deployed domain).

This certificate is first issued on the sre host then fetched on the ansible-controller to be redistributed on the other hosts.

Service to service mTLS#

Vault is configured to seed its own self-signed root PKI. The public part of this certificate is redistributed to all hosts and added to the trusted certificates at the system level.

That ensures transparent trust of all the short-lived certificate that Vault will issue to handle Consul’s requests for its service mesh.

Further improvements#

Hashistack should soon offer the capability to supply your own certificate to seed the Vault PKI. That will enable the capability to integrate Vault into an existent enterprise PKI.