Creates a local directory with default templated variables files, ansible configuration and inventory skeleton for managing an Hashistack deployment.


> ansible-playbook wescale.hashistack.init 


  • Name of the environment.

hs_workspace: "{{ lookup('env', 'HS_WORKSPACE') }}"

  • The parent DNS domain of the service that will be exposed.

hs_parent_domain: "{{ lookup('env', 'HS_PARENT_DOMAIN') }}"

  • The local directory that will become parent of the generated directory.

hs_base_dir: "{{ lookup('env', 'PWD') }}"

  • The type of desired deployment:

    • mono for single node deployment

    • multi for cluster deployment

hs_archi: "{{ lookup('env', 'HS_ARCHI') }}"

  • The name of the generated hashistack directory.

hs_dir_name: "{{ hs_workspace | regex_replace('-','_') }}"