Setup workspace (non-debian)#

If you have a non-Debian system and still wish to test Hashistack, you are welcome. Let’s try to give you some hints to meet the prerequisites and avoid problems.

CLI tooling#

  • bash: …or zsh but only these two are supported by direnv.

  • direnv: handles a lot of environment variables wiring and Python virtualenv management. Install is not enough, mind about hooking it to your shell.

  • curl: binary dependencies like terraform are downloaded via curl.

  • unzip: binary dependencies like terraform are unachived via unzip.


  • python3: >=3.9

  • python3-dev: needed for some Python dependencies installation.

  • python3-venv: needed to avoid spreading hashistack python dependencies all accross the system.

  • python3-pip (aka pip3): needed for python depdencies installation.

Ok, then…#

If you match these requirements, you can go to the Setup workspace tutorial and skip the step:

> make install-requirements