Interacts by API calls with 2 clusters that can contact each other to enable Disaster Recovery feature (Vault entreprise only).


  • Ideally launched from a directory that contains inventory and variables of the deployed primary Vault cluster.

> ansible-playbook wescale.hashistack.vault_dr_secondary  \
>        -e hs_secondary_api_url=...    \
>        -e hs_secondary_api_token=...


The playbook by default targets the host group hashistack_masters. If you decided to name your master group differently, you can override this by setting hs_masters_group. This is only for variable loading, no actual operation will occur on the hosts of the group.

- hosts: "{{ hs_vault_inventory_masters_group | default('hashistack_masters') }}"

The secondary cluster masters API url.

hs_secondary_api_url: ~

The secondary cluster masters API vault token.

hs_secondary_api_token: ~