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Ansible collection to deploy all the HashiCorp run platform components (Vault+Consul+Nomad).

What will you get with HashiStack?#

  • Terraform-ed infrastucture resources and configuration.

  • Ansible-d multi-stage deployment.

  • Vault as a first-class citizen.

  • Consul with Service Mesh relying on Vault.

  • Nomad with Consul and Vault integrations.

  • Least privileges ACL management at all level.

  • Maximum security standards for the whole stack.

  • Out of the box monitoring tooling based on the Grafana stack.

  • Sane defaults with easing the Ops life in mind.

What challenges are posed by HashiStack adoption?#

You will have to:

  • understand the design

  • fullfill the prerequisites for every playbooks to run smoothly

  • organize and maintain a set of yaml variable files

  • understand the impact of every change during the maintenance phase

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Digging deeper

The documentation structure follows the Diataxis framework guidance.